An unofficial virtual convention organized by fans for fans. Panels, Contests, Artist Alleys, and more!



GenshinCon is an online convention that will be hosted in the summer of 2022 through Discord and Twitch. The convention is an unofficial con run by Genshin fans for Genshin fans. It will be a chance for fans all across the world to get together and for creators to share and sell their works.Apart from an artist alley, we will have a variety of exciting panels, livestreams, competitions, and more!We hope to see you there Traveler!


Meet the GenshinCon team! Check them out and maybe give them a pat behind their backs on their social media accounts!


Other Projects:
Ex-KCON graphic designer, Art/Design Commissions here and there, and Convention work.


Other Projects:
Graphics Mod for Resonant Wave.


Other Projects:
Co-Head/General/Social Media Mod for STREET TALK (KNY Zine), Finance/Production/Shipping Mod for Love Flag (HameFura Zine).

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Other Projects:
Just freelancing at the moment, ex-organization lead & brand manager for an esports orginization.

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Other Projects:
Streaming and working on commissions.


Other Projects:
ATLA Elements/Heroine impact/carpe diem/ventizine/zhonglizine/aureum soleil/genshin tarot/fashion impact/daybreak etc.


Other Projects:
Resonant Waves, Daybreak, Gentlemen of Teyvat.

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Other Projects:
Ad Lunam - Tevyat Sky Illustrator.

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Other Projects:
(Contributor) Venti Zine, Daybreak, Zhongli Zine, Albedo Zine, Xiao Zine, etc.


Other Projects:
Head Mod for Yokai Impact and Art Mod for Hanabi + Contributor for a good number of fanzines.

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Other Projects:
Anna's Roundtable Lead Artist, many genshin zine’s contributor.


Other Projects:
Heroine Impact Writing Mod, Beiguang Zine Writing Mod, mod & writer for other zines.

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Other Projects:
Heroine Impact Lead, Beiguang zine lead, Nacre zine lead, Academy Emblem zine lead, The Immaculate One zine Finance and Shipping, and quite a few others as contributing artist.


Other Projects:
Finance Mod for Resonant Wave, Finance Mod for Fleurette (Genshin Flowerzine).


Other Projects:
Genshin Tarot Lead Organizer, Anna's Roundtable Lead Organizer.


Other Projects:
I run a writing blog and have been involved in a handful of zine projects in the past as a contributor, Social Media Mod, and/or Finance Mod.

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Other Projects:
Project organiser for various projects - Mxtx Planner, 2Ha Calendar, HQ Kuroo Zine, Hanako Hanafuda, Genshin Planner etc.

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Other Projects:
Lead organizer for The Gentlemen of Teyvat and FE3H Chess Project, mod and artist contributor for various other zines.

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Other Projects:
CN Communications Mod for Resonant Waves Zine.

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Other Projects:
Currently working on Teyvat Travels (Lead), Teyvat World Tour (Shipping), Fire Emblem: Tea Houses (Admin/production/shipping/finance/web), and a couple of other smaller projects (Tactician's Soliloquy - Sole, shipping for Fodlan Cuizine, Fodlan Games, Fauna of Fodlan)! I also draw for books on occasion as well!


Other Projects:
Shipping mod for Albedo Zine, Xiao Zine, and Zephyr.


Application info and forms will be posted here when they open. Please click on the images to access the application forms.

Lead Illustrator Recruitment:
23 July 2022 - 7 August 2022 (Open)

Project Assistant Recruitment:
17 May 2022 - 31 May 2022 (Closed)

Panelists Applications:
17 February 2022 - 20 March 2022 (Closed)

Cosplay Contest Judge Nominations:

Artist Alley Applications:
4 December 2021 - 18 December 2021 (Closed)

Art Staff Applications:
26 June 2021 - 10 July 2021 (Closed)


ARTIST ALLEY APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR APPLYING!Thank you for your interest in applying to GenshinCon for the Summer of 2022. If you have a question that isn’t already answered in this FAQ, please contact the Artists Alley staff at [email protected].

General Artists Alley Questions

How is an artist different from an exhibitor?
An artist is defined as an individual, and a studio is a group of artists. An exhibitor is a business entity or an individual representing a collective of artists, such as zines or other major projects.
I am a part of a studio with other artists! Can we all apply?
Yes, only one member of the studio may apply for the entire group (up to 3 people, including the artist filling out the application form). Do note, a studio is entitled to only one channel, like any individual applicant.
Is there an age requirement to sell in Artists Alley?
All artists must be at least 18 years old at the time of applying for a spot at GenshinCon.
How do I apply?
Please use the link on the Applications Page. Make sure your portfolio meets our requirements, which can be viewed in the Application and Acceptance Questions section.
When can I apply?
Applications will open on December 4th 12:00 am EST; they will be open for roughly 2 weeks and close on December 18th 11:59 pm EST.
How many spots are in Artists Alley?
We anticipate accepting 15 artists or studios at this time. However, this number may increase based on the number of applicants and/or attendee interest.

Application and Acceptance Questions

What are the requirements for my portfolio?
- No tracing, copyright infringement, art theft, and/or plagiarism
- No personal accounts; only professional/business social media accounts or websites will be accepted
- 8 pieces minimum
- We strongly suggest featuring or including Genshin Impact works
How do you decide which artists are accepted?
First,the Artists Alley team and other con staff will review each applicant’s portfolio and ensure they adhere to GenshinCon’s Artists Alley rules. Then, the selection process will be carried out by a jury of relevant and impartial staff members.
When will I know whether I got accepted or not?
Acceptance and waitlisted emails will be sent out in February.
I got waitlisted for this year! When will I know if I moved up from the waitlist?
Waitlisted artists may be contacted to fill in for accepted artists that drop out, or they may be invited to the con in the case that the total number of accepted artists increases. The latest time estimated for waitlisted artists to be contacted is mid-May 2022.
If you are waitlisted, it pertains only to the year you applied for. Being waitlisted does not guarantee a spot, whether for this year or next year.Why was I not accepted?
Artists may not be accepted for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, not meeting portfolio requirements, broken links, or providing incorrect information, such as misspelled emails.
If we cannot contact you within a certain period, then your application will be discarded.What will my set up for GenshinCon look like?
If you are accepted, you will be provided a channel to manage in the con server. In your channel, you can share your wares, talk with attendees, post any deals/discounts you may offer, and link to your online shop to make sales.
In addition, you will be granted pin and thread creation powers for your channel. You will be the sole person responsible for your channel setup.

Content Questions

Is fanart allowed?
Yes, fanart is allowed and encouraged! We recommend reading and becoming familiar with Mihoyo’s statement and policies in regards to fan art and fan merch: HoYoLAB - Official Community.
Can I sell fanart/merch that is not Genshin related?
You can sell non-Genshin fanart and merch on your shop or website. However, we strongly ask that you showcase only Genshin Impact-related items in your channel, as this is a Genshin Impact convention
What is your policy on NSFW pieces?
No NSFW can be shown or advertised in the con server. If there is NSFW in online shops or external links artists are provided, we require that the artist clearly indicates this via a warning in their channels.
What is not allowed to be sold?
The following is a list of items which we prohibit:
1) Items that contain copyrighted material and/or the items for which the Artist does not have permission from the owner of the copyrighted item
2) Traced images, stolen art
3) Illegal goods
4) Art not created by the original artist

Thank you for your interest in GenshinCon, we hope to encounter you on our travels.


Thank you for your interest in applying to GenshinCon 2022. Applications are currently closed.Please read carefully through the whole document and if you have a question that isn’t already answered in this FAQ, please contact the Panel Organizer staff at [email protected].

Are you interested in hosting a panel or a workshop at Genshin Con? We’ll cover everything you need to know about that here! Genshincon is an unofficial virtual convention organized by fans for fans, hosted on discord. We’ll have our own Artist Alley, Cosplay Contest, Special Guests, Panels, and Workshops hosted by Genshin Impact fans.The Panels section of the convention offers a great opportunity to connect with other fans, talk about Genshin Impact topics you’re passionate about, share your specific knowledge with others, host a discussion, or even host a large in-game co-op event. You can get as creative as you want - Panels are your playground!We’re looking for individuals or small teams of passionate fans interested in creating and hosting a wide variety of panels to present to the Genshin Impact community! Whether you create art or fanfiction or meta, we welcome all parts of the Genshin Impact community. Apply now and join us this summer for GenshinCon 2022!

Panels Overview

A panel is an event hosted by a GenshinCon attendee to either present a chosen topic to other GenshinCon attendees or lead a discussion with an active audience.
A workshop is an event more focused on teaching.
- Panels may be hosted live or pre-recorded for the event
- Workshops should be live as interaction is important
There are no entrance fees or application fees for any of our participants and attendees, but we are also not able to offer any compensation except in the form of promotion.We have three days allocated to panels, 24th, 25th, and 26th of June 2022.
Panels will run from 10 am to 10 pm EST each day.
Panels will run 45-60 minutes each.
Panels will be hosted on the GenshinCon official Twitch channel.
CODE OF CONDUCTAll Panels and Panel Hosts need to follow our Code of Conduct. Please refer to our Code of Conduct document for all the information. Similar rules will, of course, apply to attendees of the GenshinCon and attendees of each Panel, but that document will be released at the later date.CANCELLATION POLICYTo cancel your panel, please submit a cancellation notice via email to [email protected]. No questions asked.If a panel is cancelled, GenshinCon Panel Staff may fill the timeslot with another applicant on the waitlist.TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSAll of our panelists will be required to have the following:
- Discord app installed and running properly. Our Streaming Staff will ensure all your settings are correct.
- A working microphone
- If possible, have a quiet environment to host your panel or workshop. Noise cancellation will be applied on our end.
- If you are planning to use a camera, please ensure you have some kind of assistant lightning.
- If you want to use vtuber during your stream, please make sure you let us know beforehand so that we can coordinate the specifics with you.
A week or two before the con, our Streaming Staff will have a test run for all panelists to ensure everything is working properly for the event.

General Panels Questions

How many panels will be accepted?
We are looking for 10-15 different panel events with no specification on the number of hosts.
How many people will be allowed on a single panel?
A maximum number of 5 panel hosts and their guests will be allowed per panel, provided that each person is contributing to the panel in some way. If the maximum number of hosts is reached for a panel, we ask that you plan your talking points ahead of time to avoid too many people talking over each other.
If we’re applying for a panel discussion or a panel that will be co-hosted, should we all apply individually?
Only one application per panel idea is allowed.
Is there an age requirement to host a panel?
All of our panellists must be 16+.
Can I use a vtuber for my panel?
Vtubers are welcome. Please make sure you let us know you’ll be using vtuber so we can coordinate the specifics with you.
I have more than one panel idea, can I apply with them all?
Yes, you may submit more than one panel idea but only one of them can be selected.
Please submit a seperate application for each panel idea!

Application and Acceptance Questions

What is required in a panel host application?
Aside from your business contact, you will be asked the following:
1. Summarize your panel idea in one sentence
2. Describe your panel idea and how you plan to execute this idea
3. Name any previous experience in panel hosting (optional)
4. Pitch yourself and your panel idea, i.e., persuade us to accept your panel idea and you as a host, by answering, “Why do you think you will be successful at this role?” and “Why do you think we want your panel as part of Genshincon 2022”.
The pitch is optional but encouraged to strengthen your application.In case of the Group Panel, you will also be asked to list contact email of each person confirmed for the panel. We will get in touch with these people and they have to confirm their participation before the panel idea can be accepted. Please make sure they are aware that they will be contacted and that they will be required to answer our email within a limited time window. These emails will be sent anytime from when the apps close until mid-April.How will you be deciding who gets accepted?
First and foremost, we are looking for a variety of panels and panel hosts. We hope to pack the convention with different events in the hope that anyone attending will find a panel or two that interests them.
Second, we are looking for entertainers, anyone with the knowledge they would like to share, and anyone with a panel idea they'd like to see come to life.
Experience in online conventions, either panel hosting or attending, is not necessary. Experience in hosting events, panels, and discussions will be advantageous, but these needn't be convention events. Even if you've never hosted a panel before but have experience in attending conventions, conferences, talks, and similar, we encourage you to apply.We strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people to apply. We want to give a platform to underrepresented voices in the Genshin Impact community and the gaming community as a whole.What are some examples of the panels you are looking for?
Genshin world lore analysis (summarize the world of Teyvat for us, talk about obscure lore details you found in the most obscure parts of the game, hypothesize about future events and characters, use elements of the Teyvat to talk about real-world inspirations for them, etc.), Genshin build tutorials and showcases (what is the easiest way to build characters, tips and tricks, gameplay hacks, showcase team synergies, what are the underrated characters and how to build them, how to make any character fit your playstyle, etc.), serious discussions inspired by Teyvat or Genshin Impact player community (you can use events or social issues brought up in the games and link them to real-world events, historical or contemporary), or anything along those lines and more.
When will I know whether I got accepted or not?
Acceptance and waitlisted emails will be sent out by mid-April.
I got waitlisted for this year! When will I know if I moved up from the waitlist?
Waitlisted panelists may be contacted to fill in for accepted panelists that drop out. The latest time estimated for waitlisted panelists to be contacted is end of May 2022.
If you are waitlisted, it pertains only to the year you applied. Being waitlisted does not guarantee a spot, whether for this year or next year.Why was I not accepted?
Some reasons we may not accept an application include: an unclear description of the panel, no proof of online activity prior to the application, broken links, social media accounts that don’t reflect the spirit of our code of conduct, duplicates of the same panel idea, and others. If there is more interest than slots available, we will prioritize original panel ideas, convincing pitches, underrepresented hosts, and experienced panelists.

Content Questions

Is ___ allowed?
While we are planning to accept a wide array of different panels, all panels must adhere to our Code of Conduct. Please refer to our Code of Conduct and Twitch’s Community Guidelines to see what topics will not be accepted. If you still have questions, email us at [email protected].
Can my panel feature content from other IPs?
We ask that all panels limit how much content is presented from outside IPs.
Are NSFW-themed panels allowed?
All panels must be SFW and Teen+ friendly. If the panel host creates mainly NSFW or mixed SFW and NSFW content, disclosure must be given when plugging and advertising hosts’ social media accounts.

Thank you for your interest in GenshinCon, we hope to encounter you on our travels.Apply to host a panel now!


If you have questions regarding this event, please DM us on Twitter or via email at [ [email protected] ].Any spam, scams, unsolicited content sent to us will be discarded no questions ask.